Through solar-activated nanotechnology, the SolarBag offers the broadest contaminant treatment of any portable water purifier.

SolarBag in use 2.jpg

"Very easy to use, lightweight, and great capacity."

- Dan Kidder from Sportsman's Magazine.

"For a paddler that's out on the water, you're never quite sure about the local water quality. The SolarBag removes all of the junk and gives you fresh, clean water. It's the best way to purify water on any water trip I've taken."

-Anne Maleady, President of the American Canoeing Association.


"I drank, cooked and washed hands with water from my SolarBag. I am happy to report that several days later, I am healthy and well; no ill affects at all."

-Bob Wohlers - Blue Sky Adventures, Inc.

"Easiest to use, longest use of, widest range of contaminants dealt with."

-Stephen Goff - N-Response 2

"Ease of use, purity in water."

-Michael Grayson from


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